Dutch WUDC has started!

Dutch WUDC is starting and I hope you are as excited as we are!

For quick updates during the tournaments we will mainly be using our Facebook page www.facebook.com/dutchwudc. For all those who do not use Facebook you can use this website which will provide you with our most important updates: www.wudc2017.info.


Survival Guide

Hi all,

With less then four weeks to go, we present you our Survival Guide!

The survival guide contains necessary and useful information for your arrival and stay in the Netherlands. We urge all participants to read it carefully and print/download a copy to use when traveling to Dutch WUDC.

Are you curious about the locations we are using? Do you want to sign up for excursions? Make use of our airport transfer service? Or get to know a little more about dutch culture? Read on!

Individual registration has opened!

Most institutions will have received a DebReg mail saying that all the slots they have fully paid for are now “confirmed” – some institutions will receive that e-mail later this week. This means that the representative of that institution (the one that received that e-mail, so most likely the person who initially registered your institution, unless you changed it by logging in on DebReg) can now assign participants to (confirmed) slots. Either the participant already has a DebReg account, in which case you can search for this person by their e-mail (to prevent problems with people with the same name – it’s a big world after all), or by letting the participant in question make a new DebReg account.

The participant then has to personally fill in their personal information. Please make sure to do so by 1 December. We need to get the form fully filled in by all participants by then, or we may not be able to take into account many of the things that we ask you about. We will open individual registration for observers and independent adjudicators later this week too.

Volunteer applications have opened!

Do you want to help out Dutch Worlds, meet people from all over the world and talk and party with them? Join us and become a volunteer! For the tournament to run smoothly, we absolutely need a team of volunteers, so you’d make us very happy by signing up. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to volunteers@dutchwudc.nl or contact Simone Landman through Facebook.

You can sign up with this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScwLoY9pZC_2nIFQxCnA2EHftyGobPobfazz0Lfd79IN8Zn3Q/viewform.

Independent Adjudicator applicaitons

Dear debating community,

Applications for independent adjudicators have opened! Please read the document below carefully before applying.

You will have until 10 June, 13:00 CEST to participate in this round of applications for independent adjudicator spots and funding. The document containing all detailed information can be found here:goo.gl/YtJtGG. The application form can be found here:http://goo.gl/forms/YN3kJQmFvp.

If you have any questions about the procedure please read the information in the document carefully before sending an e-mail to adjudication@dutchwudc.nl.

Best regards,

The Dutch WUDC Team

Payment deadline for deposits on 2 May

Dear all,

Please note that the deadline for the first payment is on the 2nd of May. At that date 50% of the total amount owed should have been transferred to our bank account. If you are uncertain about whether the transfer will be completed before the 2nd of May you can send us a screenshot proving that you have sent the money.

Not paying without proper justification will result in losing your spots. If you have any questions about payment please contact finance@dutchwudc.nl.


The Dutch WUDC Team

Change in CA-team

Dear Debating Community,

Unfortunately, Daniel Swain will no longer be able to serve as Co-CA of Dutch WUDC 2017 due to unforeseen and unavoidable professional commitments. He has expressed great sadness that he won’t be involved in this exciting tournament and wishes Karin Merckens, Co-CA, and the rest of the Dutch WUDC team well. He will remain on the Advisory Committee for the tournament.

Dutch WUDC would like to thank Daniel for his hard work over the past year and especially during the bidding process and the selection of the Adjudication Core. Daniel will be replaced as Co-CA, from within the existing team, by Syed Saddiq. Saddiq is a former ESL Best Speaker at WUDC and a former DCA of Australs. Dutch WUDC will thus become the first edition of WUDC Co-CA’d by two individuals who have competed in the English as a Second Language Category. Jodie O’Neill, already appointed as a DCA, will represent the Oceania region. We will not be opening applications for a further DCA.


Welcome :

We are proud to announce that the Netherlands is bidding for WUDC 2017!


The Netherlands has always been active in the international debating community. Debaters from all around the country regularly attend international competitions and WUDC and have been successful, reaching outrounds as both speakers and judges on multiple occasions.


Being the first to organise EUDC in 1999 and having hosted EUDC in 2010, we feel it is time to share our hospitality with debaters worldwide and are therefore happy to welcome you in the Hague in December 2016.


The Hague, as the city of peace and justice, has a lot to offer you. The hotels are based in the city centre, the venues for the inrounds are within walking distance and the Netherlands is the perfect gateway to the rest of Europe.


The Dutch WUDC bid offers you an experienced organisational committee, with experience and expertise both the debating circuit and outside the debating world. Our CA team reflects the diversity of the international debating community and we will do our best to make this bid as accessible as is possible.


Please explore our website and everything that we have to offer you and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@dutchwudc.nl.


Andrea Bos & Bionda Merckens

Convenors Dutch WUDC 2017