Training programme

Dutch WUDC will aim to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. We believe that training is an essential part of developing debating around the world. We will therefore appoint a Director of Training and run workshops before, during and after Dutch WUDC.

Director of Training
The Director of Training will be selected after an open application process. This individual would need to be an outstanding debater, adjudicator and debate trainer. Our Director of Training will be responsible for setting up our training program, developing training materials and delivering workshops. All of our workshops will be given by either our Director of Training, a member of the adjudication core or other experienced mentors coordinated by the Director.

Access workshops and scholarship program
We will be applying for a large EU grant to fund our scholarship program and organise workshops in countries that are new to competitive intervarsity debating. These workshops will be open to a large number of debaters regardless of whether they intend to attend WUDC. Our scholarship program will provide the financial means for those who are otherwise unable to attend.  We will not need this money to host the tournament. It will be entirely devoted to increasing access to WUDC and debating.  The scholarship program is contingent on receiving the appropriate funding.

Irrespective of receiving the EU grant our entire CA team will be available to run a debating or judging workshop at every competition they attend as either a debater, judge or member of the adjudication core in the year leading up to Dutch WUDC.

Online Resources
We will release at least one new debating or judging e-seminar every month in the year leading up to Dutch WUDC. In addition, all the Access workshops given by either our Director of Training or Adjudication Core will be filmed for distribution online. Our Director of Training will publish these lectures, and other resources, on our website.

During WUDC
We will be running a variety of debating and judging workshops on 28 December. We will consult with the debating community about the topics they would find most relevant and useful.