Registration for the Dutch World Universities Debating Championship 2017 has now closed.
We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming interest shown in the event!

A Slot Request List has been published and can be found here:
To help ensure correct slot allocations, please review the requests from your institution carefully and mail us at with any concerns. Please do so before 2. April 12:59 CEST.
Please note: we will only be able to deal with concerns raised over email, and will only update this document after the deadline has passed. When the deadline has passed we will start the slot allocations.

For institutions that could not register with DebReg, and reached out to us via mail/facebook, your requests have and will be handled according to the following procedure:

1. Due to a technical error it was impossible to register via DebReg:
You have been manually registered ad will be contacted by the registrations team explaining how to complete DebReg registration.

2. You tried to register after the registrations deadline had passed and contacted us within 12 hours:
Your have been placed on a “waiting list”. These will be allotted slots once all the slots from the main list have been exhausted. These slots will be allotted according to your order in the waited list, sorted by brackets as per our registration policy. Please note that the “waiting list might not be completely up-to-date yet. We are still sorting out late registration requests.

3. Institutions that reach out to us after 12 hours of closing of registrations will be placed in a separate “reserve list”, and will be allocated slots after both the main and the waiting list requests have been exhausted, regardless of their brackets.

If you have any questions remaining, you can always contact us at

Registration policy