Frequently Asked Questions


Can I register for WUDC?
The eligibility rules are determined by the World Universities Debating Council and cannot be altered by the Dutch WUDC OrgCom or Adjudication Core. The core rule for eligibility can be summarized as follows: If you are an active student at an institution for higher education (universities and similar institutions) and represent that institution, you are able to register as a team for WUDC. You are considered an active student if you take at least half your courses at that institution. Please contact your country representative at the World Universities Debating Council for further details.

Judges are not required to be enlisted as students at an institution for higher education. There are no requirements regarding debating experience for registering at WUDC. Debaters from new institutions with little experience in debating are particularly encouraged to registers. The best team of an institution participating in WUDC for the first time will be awarded the Alfred Snider Award.

Can I participate in the Dutch WUDC scholarship program?
The funding for our scholarship program has sadly been rejected by our sponsors. We are therefore looking for new ways to finance our scholarship program. If we know more about our scholarship program we will publish the information on our website and Facebook page.

Where can I find deadlines for registration?
All deadlines can be found in the registration policy. The main one to observe is:

  • 31 Mar 10:00 CET – registration closes

How many teams can my institution register?
All institutions are allowed to register up to 4 team spots, 4 judge spots and 3 observer spots​. The amount of spots allocated will be determined according to the registration policy.

Do I need a visa to attend the WUDC?
This depends on your country of origin. Please check the following link for the full list of countries that require a visa to stay in the Netherlands.

How do I apply for a visa to the Netherlands?
Please check the following link for the procedure for obtaining a visa for staying in the Netherlands. If your country of origin does not have a Dutch Embassy you can apply at the Embassy or Consulate of another Schengen country representing the Netherlands. Please check the following link for the countries to which this is applicable.

Will Dutch WUDC issue recommendation letters for a visa?
Yes, please send an e-mail to with the specifications of the recommendation letter required for your visa.

Our team has to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. Can we get a refund on our registration fees?
In principle, any payments to Dutch WUDC are non refundable. If your institution can no longer attend Dutch WUDC 2017 replacements for the participants of your institution will be sought. When replacements for the participants from your institution have been found and full payment has been received, you will be refunded. If it is only possible to replace a part of the participants of your institution you will receive a refund corresponding to the payment for the replaced participants.

Our institution does not have sufficient judges to fill the ‘n-1’  criterion for the amount of teams we wish to send. What should we do?
In principle, you will only be able to send the amount of teams ‘covered’  by the amount of judges you send under the ‘n-1’ rule. This means for instance that an institution that sends 1 judge can send a maximum of two teams. Please remember that judges are not required to be active students at your institution. You are therefore able to let students at other institutions or alumni represent your institution as judges for Dutch WUDC.

If you have legitimate reasons for not sending enough judges to ‘cover’ the amount of teams you wish to send you can request a judge waiver. Whether a request for a judge waiver will be granted depends on the legitimacy of your reasons for not sending sufficient judges and whether enough additional judges have registered to replace the judges you are not sending.

Please send this request to as soon as you are certain that your institution will not be able to send sufficient judges. The request should include the name of your institution, the number of judging spots you wish to obtain a waiver for and the reasons why you are unable to send sufficient judges.

Using DebReg

Our institution does not have a DebReg account. What should I do to register?
Follow this link ( and create an account on DebReg. Fill in as many fields for your institution that makes sense (the Value Added Tax ID is not needed if not applicable for example). We recommend you use an e-mail address that ‘survives’ changes in your society, for example, if a person stops debating at your society. This prevents problems if you ever want to register slots for a different tournament that also uses DebReg.

Our institution lost the password for our DebReg account. How do I get a new one?
Click “I forgot my password” on the login screen and follow the instructions.

Our institution is registered in DebReg but I have no way to access our DebReg account. How do I get access to DebReg?
Please contact about this issue. In particular, mention the organisation involved and the email address of the main account, so that we may check that you are indeed from this organisation.

There is no ‘register new account’ button anywhere?
Follow this link: ( There should be a ‘register new account’ link just under the password box now.

I cannot sign our institution up for the tournament. How do I do this?
You can only do this from the ‘main’/’delegate’ account for your society, which is the account you originally used to register your society, or the account that you later assigned as the new ‘delegate’ account.

Our society can no longer log in to the ‘main’ account for our society. How do I solve this?
You can contact about this issue. In particular, mention the organisation involved and the email address of the main account, so that we may check that you are indeed from this organisation. They can change the role of ‘main’ account for you.


What are the deadline for payments?
All deadlines can be found in the registration policy. The main ones to observe are:

  • 02 May – Non‐refundable deposits (50%) payment deadline for first round of allocations
  • 11 June – Non‐refundable deposits (50%) payment deadline for second round of allocations
  • 10 July – Deadline for all full payments

If you fear you might not be able to make said deadlines, you can apply for an extension.

The deadlines to apply for extensions are:

  • 09 April – Extension application deadline for first round allocation deposit
  • 11 May – Extension application deadline for second round allocation deposit

You will know the results on the 14th of April and the 18th of May respectively.

The July 3rd deadline is for all payments, for spots that were assigned after the June 3rd deadline and for spots that got an extension for any previous deadlines.

What happens if an institution fails to pay before a deadline?
A failure to meet a deadline may result in any of the following:

  • It will be assumed allocated spots are no longer wanted and they will be reallocated to institutions still on the waiting list.
  • A surcharge will apply for spots that are payed for after the deadline.

To which bank account should the money be transferred?
To this bank account:

IBAN: NL74 SNSB 0926 1549 23
Name: St. Dutch Worlds Debating


When will applications for Independent Adjudicators open?
Independent Adjudicator applications will open on the 15th of May. Our independent adjudicator application policy will be made available in due time.

Where can we find the motions previously set by the Dutch WUDC CA team?
You can find the motions previously set by the Dutch WUDC CA team in this document. This document will be updated regularly.  


Where will we be sleeping?
All participants, judges, volunteers and people from the organization committee will be staying at a holiday park in Kijkduin, near to The Hague. You will be staying in Type K6A, Type K7A, Type KD4 or Type KD6 houses. Every house has multiple bedrooms, a common room and a kitchen, along with a lot of other facilities.

Will food be provided every day?
Breakfast will be provided and delivered to your accommodation on all days.  Lunch and dinner will be provided on every day, except for Arrivals day, departure day and January 1st. 

Will all types of food allergies be catered for?
During individual registration, we will ask you to fill in all your allergies. We will then make sure you can enjoy Worlds without needing to worry about your allergies. During every lunch or dinner, we will make sure that it is clear what you can and cannot eat.

Will there be WiFi at all locations?
At the Holiday Park in Kijkduin, every house will have free WIFI. During all the inrounds at the Haagse Hogeschool in The Hague you have access to Eduroam. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee there will be free WiFi at other external locations such as the socials and the finals location.

Where will the inrounds take place?
All inrounds will take place at the Hague University of Applied Science. This school has more than 100 classrooms and you can reach all parts of the building without going outside.

How can I sign up as a volunteer?
The registration for volunteers will be opened around June. Information for prospective volunteers will by then be posted on our Facebook page and website.